Curious about curved cladding? Let’s make the curvy a more straight.

Curves provide the perfect architectural contrast to hard linear lines. They’re seductive, intriguing and can really transform a building’s facade into something truly unique. Lust worthy as curves are, when it comes metal cladding there is a bit to consider. Not all profiles lend themselves to curved facade applications and some materials are better suited than others. To help navigate the possible and impossible, our Metal Cladding Systems technical team has broken everything down to make the curvy a little

Where Art Meets Steel – UniCote® LUX

Designed to suit Australian high-end architecture, UniCote LUX is a luxury pre-painted steel offering architectural aesthetics that go beyond simple building materials. UniCote® LUX is now available from Metal Cladding Systems.A new build or renovation can be a culmination of years of dreams and planning. Few things compare to the thrilling realisation of building ones dream home, renovating, or making an investment for the future. The fine touches and attention to detail is what elevates a good building into something

Natural copper – Metal Cladding Systems Material Focus

Natural copper is one of the most dividing materials within Metal Cladding Systems’ offering. While many are enchanted by the metal’s longevity and ability to change over time, others find the material unpredictable in it’s ageing process, or they enjoy one stage of the material’s patina journey, but not another. No matter your personal preference, most people can agree mill finish copper cladding offers each project application something truly unique.Let’s take a closer look at the systems and applications

Installer Advice: Metal Cladding Systems ordering made easy

Everything Metal Cladding Systems produce is made to order. Working on a project based production schedule means panels and flashings can be adapted to suit individual job requirements.The key benefits of working in this manner are reduced waste, minimal onsite cutting, and clean cladding lines that marry in with other architectural features.There is no such thing as a “standard” panel or flashing from Metal Cladding Systems. Some panel widths are more cost effective compared to others, but they are

Hayden Street House

Hayden Street House Installer: Zinc Cladding Australia (ZincClad)Cladding profile: Interlocking and FlatlockMaterial: Vestis Aluminium Black Graphite

Parkdale House

Parkdale House – Copper Shingles Installer: Specialized Roofing and Cladding (SRC) Cladding profile: Shingle Material: Natural Copper

Straightening out metal cladding substrates

Different systems, materials and substrates – there’s a lot to think about when specifying metal cladding. From fire performance requirements to best practice guidelines, each cladding system in the Metal Cladding Systems range has recommended substrate requirements and what works for one profile, may not cut the mustard for another.This blog will take a closer look at each roof and wall cladding profile in the Metal Cladding Systems range; exploring substrate options, minimum requirements and substrate selection restrictions. Substrate