Where Art Meets Steel – UniCote® LUX

Designed to suit Australian high-end architecture, UniCote LUX is a luxury pre-painted steel offering architectural aesthetics that go beyond simple building materials. UniCote® LUX is now available from Metal Cladding Systems.

A new build or renovation can be a culmination of years of dreams and planning. Few things compare to the thrilling realisation of building ones dream home, renovating, or making an investment for the future. The fine touches and attention to detail is what elevates a good building into something truly spectacular.

Creating a seamless experience between the facade and interior of a home is paramount in most designs. On many occasions, budget means homeowners must sacrifice in certain areas. At UniCote®, we don’t believe that building your dream home or investing in your future should be a process of trade-offs.

Limitations in building materials such as cost, application, maintenance, or aesthetics shouldn’t prevent your clients from realising a lifelong dream of building a home reflecting their individuality. Buildings have personality and with UniCote® LUX you have a point of differentiation that lets clients unleash their creativity.

UniCote® LUX takes pre-painted steel into the future of Australian steel design. Using a world leading coil coating technology, the new premium patterned steel delivers aesthetics that will influence high-end architecture for years to come.  UniCote® LUX is popular with trade professionals as the innovative solutions serves as a unique substitute for natural, exotic, and metallic finishes. “Stunning in its design and flexible in its application, UniCote® LUX is the perfect material to drive inspirational design, giving architects, builders and designers the scope to develop exciting new trends. UniCote® LUX provides the canvas – designers create the art piece,” says Garth Weston, Technical Manager at UniCote®.

UniCote® LUX is a premium solution suitable for exterior and interior applications ranging from Roofing, Cladding, Flashings, Insulated Panels, Internal Applications, Garage Doors and Home Improvement. Available in nine patterns across a range of Wood, Corten, Stone, Zinc, and Imprinting finishes. The steel coils are provided to Rollformers, Architectural Cladding Manufacturers and Shed suppliers, who transform them into spectacular building profiles ready for your next project.

There are various building materials to choose from, including stone, tile, and timber. However, if you are looking for a low maintenance, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing solution that won’t stretch the budget, steel is hard to beat.

Six reasons why you should be excited about UniCote® LUX

  • Premium quality solution using a world leading coil coating technology for lasting colour retention and durability.
  • Low maintenance & unrivalled performance.
  • Unique substitute for natural, exotic, and metallic finishes.
  • Non-combustible material for peace of mind.
  • Point of differentiation through unique aesthetics.
  • Industry leading warranty of up to 25 years.

Express your buildings personality

Your client’s home should be as unique as they are, a reflection of their personality expressed through creative design that looks to blend form with function whilst including a touch of flair to represent its residents.

Through innovation we have taken all the benefits of steel and combined them with striking artistic finishes to create the future in Australian pre-painted steel design with Unicote® LUX. Giving homeowners, builders, and architects the platform to create unique designs that bring buildings to life. Steel is a popular building material among architects and designers, for obvious reasons. Steel is lightweight, cost effect, high performing, and durable with the added flexibility of being formed into various end use applications suitable for façade and interior installations. 
The unique patterned finishes of UniCote® LUX gives you the freedom to maximise architectural creativity and create bespoke designs that won’t stretch your budget and force you into a process of trade-offs.

Introduce texture and dimension
Textures, lines and shadows can bring architecture to life, adding dimensions and visual intrigue as the light changes throughout the day. UniCote® LUX is available in a variety of stunning patterns which make it easy to introduce different textures and visual dimensions in your design.

UniCote® LUX works for bold design statements or as a complimentary addition to more neutral building materials and design finishes. UniCote® LUX is best suited to add maximum street appeal to the facade of your home or project and combines well with wall, garage door and feature installations.

Incorporate your environment
Taking design inspiration from nature UniCote® LUX offers a range of Wood, Corten and Stone finishes to blend your building seamlessly with its surrounding environment.

Our wood range is inspired by the warm and textured patterns offered by wood. Natural materials capture the best parts of our external environment and bring them to life in bespoke construction pieces.  Our Corten range is inspired by one of the oldest metals in human history, copper. The natural material enhances the distribution of light to expose Corten’s exquisite colour and lustre. Our Stone range is inspired by the raw beauty of nature’s aggregates and mineral materials.

Unrivalled performance delivering certainty
When selecting building materials for a new build or renovation you want a solution that offers superior performance, requires low maintenance and provides a point of differentiation aesthetically. 

What makes UniCote® LUX a standout performer? 

  • Fire resistance: Build with certainty using a non-combustible material.
  • Scratch resistance: Retain long lasting aesthetic performance despite general wear and tear. 
  • Bend test: Create desired application profiles with excellent paint adhesion and flexibility to resist paint cracking.
  • Heat resistance: Suitable for the harsh Australian conditions. 
  • Salt spray: Suitable corrosion protection for category 1-3 coastal environments.  
  • QUV resistance: Superior colour retention in the harsh Australian conditions

*all images supplied by UniCote® LUX and used with permission.