Installer Advice: Metal Cladding Systems ordering made easy

//Installer Advice: Metal Cladding Systems ordering made easy

Everything Metal Cladding Systems produce is made to order. Working on a project based production schedule means panels and flashings can be adapted to suit individual job requirements.

The key benefits of working in this manner are reduced waste, minimal onsite cutting, and clean cladding lines that marry in with other architectural features.

There is no such thing as a “standard” panel or flashing from Metal Cladding Systems. Some panel widths are more cost effective compared to others, but they are still made to order. Regardless of a project’s preference or exact requirements, all panel and flashing orders must be drawn and/or written in a manner which production teams can translate into an install ready product. To ensure Metal Cladding Systems’ fabrication team can accurately produce an order, panel style, cover width, length, quantity and special panel requirements must be noted.

Clear order submission plays a significant role in how successfully an order can be fabricated.

Metal Cladding Systems have dedicated forms to simplify the ordering process and reduce the risk of misinterpretation. Order forms can be downloaded, or issued in hard copy notebook form.

Understanding order forms

What makes sense to production teams may not make sense to everyone else. And vice-versa. What makes sense to you, may not translate into clean production language, suitable for panel fabrication. By using standardised order forms the Metal Cladding Systems team aim to reduce confusion and have everyone speaking the same language.

Unclear or incomplete orders can slow down lead times because more attention must be given to interpretation. When orders are clear from their first submission, production can commence fabrication without delay.

Panel order forms can seem confusing at first. To make things more straightforward Metal Cladding Systems have created an annotated version of their order form. Use the graphic below to feel confident when completing your cladding panel order.

Flashing order form

All cladding installations require flashings and cappings to ensure panels can perform as watertight systems. Every project will have unique flashing requirements as every building is different. Flashings and cappings are all made to order and produced from shop drawings. These drawings must be provided by the party conducting the installation. To assist with drawing clear flashing details Metal Cladding Systems have a dedicated flashing order form.

Each box on the form can be used for a new flashing profile. Note measurements clearly and don’t forget to allocate, quantity, length, material and finish.

Submitting an order form

Once an order form has been completed it’s time to submit the order to Metal Cladding Systems for processing. Scan or photograph your completed order form and email it to Before sending, check the following:

  • All measurements are clearly noted
  • Panel details such as cover width, length, material and system have been noted
  • A preferred delivery date has been noted
  • Your handwriting is clear and legible
  • Your scan or photograph is clear
  • Your file size is not too large that mailboxes may reject the file

Scratching your head with questions?

If you’re not feeling confident with order forms, or if you have questions regarding an order, the Metal Cladding Systems team are here to assist.