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Metal type dramatically impacts long and short term facade performance, and overall project aesthetic, therefore time should be invested in selecting an appropriate alloy for your cladding system.

At Metal Cladding Systems we offer a selection of popular and boutique alloys. In addition to making our profiles in a range of different metals, we also offer expert advice on material suitability, performance and workability.

Every metal has its own unique characteristics, providing vast stylistic options for design professionals and homeowners. Take copper for example, copper of the coil is bright, vibrant and orange in colour. Once exposed to atmospheric conditions, the alloy’s surface oxidises, transforming to a rusted coffee shade. In contrast to copper’s dramatic surface evolution, pre-painted aluminium and coated steel have long lasting coloured surfaces, and when cared for appropriately, over time, will look no different to when first installed.

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Lightweight, long lasting

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Sophisticated style

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Natural and surface treated

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Galvanised Steel

Industrial chic

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Stainless Steel

Statement making

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Steel (coated)

Durable, colourful, trusted

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Titanium Zinc

Architectural elegance

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Weathering Steel (corten)

Raw and rustic

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We welcome challenges! Contact us to discuss your project’s boutique material requirements.

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Material selection

One of the advantages of selecting sheet metal cladding is the abundance and variety of quality materials.

Specifying the most suitable type of metal for your project should be an exciting process. Aesthetic preference will often guide in the beginning, then it’s important to consider details such as material performance, to determine project suitability.

To assist, we have noted some points to consider.

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Determine maintenance requirements. On a whole, sheet metal cladding is low maintenance, however material cleaning schedules will differ depending on location (atmospheric conditions), foot traffic, and surrounding material specifications.

Consider project location and atmospheric conditions. Some materials such as coated steel, or pre-painted aluminium better withstand salt laden air and/or harsh industrial pollutants.

Confirm facade budget. Price can vary significantly from one metal to another.

Determine material durability requirements by assessing intended application. For example, high traffic areas are better suited to alloys where bumps and scratches will be less noticeable, such as galvanised steel and natural copper.

Ensure when specifying branded product you’re collaborating with legitimate suppliers. Do your research and get the real deal.

Understand recycling options and analyse material lifespan against expected building lifespan.

Discuss your project in detail with our team

Speak with our experienced team to learn more about our cladding systems. Discuss system selection, material performance, specification, installation details, price or ask any general cladding queries you have. Let Metal Cladding Systems help you discover the system and material best suited to your project.


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