Expressive, mysterious, a guaranteed showstopper – that’s copper.

We source copper from three leading Australian distributors, Australian Metals Pty Ltd., CASA and George White & Co Pty Ltd. Ideal for roof and wall cladding, copper’s unique ability to change over time, from bright brassy orange, to green, deep brown, and in some cases black, offers spectacular facade evolution and unique material characteristics.

When copper is exposed to atmospheric conditions it starts to oxidise. Different air agents, combined with the chemical properties of surrounding materials, even the oil from human hands, impact how and where oxidisation occurs. Copper never ages evenly and unpredictable surface patterns are part of the material’s charm.

To quicken the material’s ageing process, or attempt controlled and even surface ageing, copper can be pre-treated, provoking advanced oxidisation. One common method is salt spraying.

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