Flatlock and Shingle

Flatlock and Shingle share an identical profile design, however once folded and installed, two individual wall systems emerge.

Flatlock panels lock together, creating a flush, flexible and thin facade. The system can also be installed with a recessed join, creating deeper express lines; this is called Recessed Flatlock.

Shingles provide the ultimate “wow factor”. Each panel is folded into interconnecting tile shapes, often creating scale or diamond patterns.

FLATLOCK / Flexible panel sizes 140 mm to 540 mm / Up to 4000 mm long panels / Recessed Flatlock can be nominated for larger express joins / All dimensions are material and transport dependant, and open to customisation.

SHINGLE / 150 mm – 340 mm standard shingle sizes (material dependant) / custom sizes available on request.

Extensive material suitability. Flatlock and Shingle can be folded in Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel, Titanium Zinc and Weathering Steel/Corten.

Both systems are commonly specified when slim walls are needed. Flatlock and Shingle have 7 mm wall footprints, making them the flattest sheet metal profiles available in our market.

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Download Shingle data sheet

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