Linear, architectural character, achieved with modern installation methodology.

Snaplock’s contemporary profile is well suited to modern architectural developments. Similar in appearance to Standing Seam, Snaplock’s simplified installation method doesn’t require specialist tools – making it a popular alternative for installers and builders who don’t have access to Standing Seam seam closing equipment. Snaplock panels are designed to “snap” together, offering low fuss installation.

25 mm rib height (from base to rib top) / 225 mm, 325 mm and 525 mm cost effective panel widths, rib to rib / Up to 9000 mm long panels / All dimensions are material and transport dependant, and open to customisation.

38 mm rib height (from base to rib top) / 195 mm, 295 mm and 495 mm cost effective panel widths, rib to rib / Up to 9000 mm long panels / All dimensions are material and transport dependant, and open to customisation.

Extensive material suitability. Snaplock can be folded in Aluminium, Copper, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel and Steel.

No seam closing tools required. Panels “snap” into place using panel fixing clips.

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