Wrapping your brain around membranes

A cold, wet, Melbourne day like today, is an opportunity to look closer at waterproof membranes.


We spend so much time admiring finished cladding, it’s easy to forget what’s sitting behind wall panels. We’re familiar with systems from a street view, but there are multiple support products at the back of metal cladding, and a waterproof membrane is one of them.

System selection and project specific details will determine exact wall make up and construction details. However every correct application of our metal cladding will use some form of waterproof membrane. Adequate waterproofing reduces the chance of moisture making its way inside a finished building. Sheet metal cladding systems offer reliable water resistance, with profiles such as Standing Seam providing superior water penetration resistance. But nothing is 100 per cent, especially when it comes to building and construction.

The need for waterproofing doesn’t mean metal cladding under performs or is inferior. It’s important to view membranes as “fail-safe” additions to already high performing wall systems. They provide peace of mind that should water ever make its way behind a panel, the chances of dampness penetrating the building’s interior is minimal and rare.


So what does a waterproof membrane look like?

There are two main membrane styles. A mat, 3D textured product and a more traditional nylon geotextile sheet. As roof and wall system manufacturers, we view breathability is the most important quality for a waterproof membrane; either style can be suitable, as long as it can breathe. Purchasing from reputable suppliers and discussing your project with our team prior to construction is the best way to ensure you’re working with quality products, fit for purpose.

3D multi-layer membrane mat (affectionately called ‘hairy chest’ in the industry)
Nylon geotextile membrane.

The responsibility of guaranteeing suitable waterproofing is applied, generally falls to the installer. At Metal Cladding Systems, we don’t install our panels, but we do work with aligned, proven, and trusted craftsmen. We thoughtfully select and qualify our recommended installers, ensuring they’re across all aspects of cladding installation, including the elements we never see – such as waterproofing.

If you’re looking to install our systems and would like more information on waterproofing and fabrication, please contact us by clicking here.

To get in touch with us or one of our recommended installers, contact our project team on 03 9587 4554 or info@metalcsystems.com.au.