The reason why metal cladding is so popular

Have you ever driven down a street and noticed the facades of each home you pass? The exquisite lines, flowing joins and beautiful colours; did you think, “I want that look on my house?”

The product catching your attention was most likely a metal cladding system. Metal facades are everywhere! Their popularity has increased because they adequately match the design desires of renovators, builders, and architects.

Sheet metal panel systems create visually appealing facade solutions with maximum flexibility and time efficient installation. At Metal Cladding Systems we form all our cladding panels locally. For end users this provides peace-of-mind their wall or roof system has been fabricated right here in Melbourne, with expert quality control, and Australian material standards. All profiles from Metal Cladding Systems are manufactured in Braeside, Victoria, using tested and trusted materials; meaning no nasty surprises or unexpected performance issues.

Metal Cladding Systems offer eight profiles, and custom roof and wall products. With more than 15 different metals and in excess of 50 colour options, our flexibility and range is highly appealing for those looking to build with flair.

The Difference

At Metal Cladding Systems our profiles are installed on solid ply backings or steel top hats, with waterproof membranes. The purity, thickness, and material behaviour of the alloys we work with, combined with strategic wall composition, allows our collection of systems to meet building codes and satisfy fire expectations.

Having an extensive material range to choose from, means alloys can be selected to meet project performance requirements. For example products such as COLORBOND Steel®, offers non-combustibility and longevity, with warranties of 12 to 36 years in some applications.

Times are changing!

“What is changing and what does this mean?” There are several developments currently in motion that are set to affect the building and construction industry. In September, 2016, the Building Minister’s Forum was convened to discuss issues such as risk prone external wall cladding. From this discussion, the National Construction Code (NCC) was born and launched in September, 2016. Following this, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCD) amended the building code in December, 2016 and then again in February, 2017. These changes now require construction processes to comply with broader codes and stricter rulings.

These changes are a win for homeowners. The new code requires buildings to meet tougher regulations, meaning greater build quality. Under these changes, profiled metal cladding has been deemed to meet the amendments, meaning our systems are a great choice on your next build.

If you’re thinking about metal cladding on your home and want to learn more about our systems, or you’re an architect looking to design an incredible exterior, contact Metal Cladding Systems at

Let us know about your project so we can discuss your requirements and arm you with all the information necessary to begin your metal cladding journey.