The 411 on pre-painted aluminium

The Coil Coating method is used to apply Vestis’ high durability polyester reinforced finish.

Coil Coating, is a continual, automated paint application process, commonly used on aluminium and steel. It’s fast, reliable, and capable of creating exceptionally durable, colour accurate, construction products. Purpose-built machinery, operated in purpose-built facilities, completes the coating process. On average a standard paint line is capable of coating around 200 meters of coil per minute. Unique coil stitching technology allows for continual production; minimising downtime between different coils. Pre-painted aluminium treatments follow strict and controlled manufacturing processes to ensure consistency and quality.

There are two main factors that set pre-coated metals apart from traditional paint coatings. The first, is uniformity of cleaning. Pre-treatment and coatings are conducted and controlled in purpose built manufacturing environments. The second, is layer synergy. From pre-treatment to finished topcoats, each layer compliments and enhances another. While pre-painted metals are often identified by their topcoat, when looking at Coil Coating as a method, it’s important to remember each layer contributes to a product’s success.


Taking a closer look: the production line

It takes 12 steps to transform each Vestis coil from raw aluminium, into a 35 micron, high durability reinforced polyester pre-painted architectural product. The list and diagram below represent a typical Coil Coating production line.

  1. Coil stitching of the previous coil to the next coil strip in the line
  2. Strip cleaning
  3. Power brushing
  4. Chemical pre-treatment
  5. Drying
  6. Dual primer application (applied to both sides of the material)
  7. 15 to 60 seconds in the first curing oven
  8. Cooling
  9. Paint application to both or one side of the material
  10. 15 to 60 seconds in the second curing oven
  11. Cooling (to room temperature)
  12. Re-coiled for sale and distribution


For more information on Coil Coating, visit Europe’s leading body for pre-painted metals, the ECCA, by clicking here. 

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