Six reasons to love COLORBOND® Steel Matt

Just when you thought COLORBOND® couldn’t get anymore amazing, they release a matt steel collection and confirm why BlueScope Steel® is Australia’s favourite roof and wall cladding material producer.


Smooth, soft, sultry – matt finish products are a must on architectural projects at the moment. From interior fittings and fixtures, to external roof and wall cladding systems, architects, builders and homeowners are demanding matt.

Available in Basalt® and Monument®, with more colours to come, COLORBOND Steel® have recently soft launched their COLORBOND® Steel Matt collection to manufacturing partners.

COLORBOND® Steel Matt is now available through Metal Cladding Systems. Here are six reasons why everyone is going to fall in love with this stunning new product.

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  • Design Freedom

From simple flat roof designs to soaring shapes, COLORBOND® Steel Matt provides the flexibility to realise any and all creative visions. This new finish offers an elegant twist, which alongside the existing COLORBOND Steel® range, provides extended architectural opportunities.

  • Lasting good looks

COLORBOND® Steel Matt has been designed to create a true matt finish capable of withstanding Australia’s harshest environments. Stylish and elegant, COLORBOND® Steel Matt provides a consistent finish with beauty and endurance.

  • Designed for the hot Australian sun

COLORBOND® Steel Matt incorporates BlueScope Steel’s® unique Thermatech® solar reflecting technology. Thermatech® allows BlueScope Steel® materials to reflect greater amounts of the sun’s heat on bright days. COLORBOND® Steel Matt also benefits from industry leading metallic coating technology, incorporating Activate® for enhanced corrosion resistance.

  • Tested, tested and then tested again

For over a decade COLORBOND® Steel Matt has undergone real world exposure testing and accelerated laboratory testing at Australian BlueScope Steel® sites. COLORBOND® Steel Matt is manufactured in Australia and is compliant with all relevant Australian Standards.

  • Supporting a sustainable future

All COLORBOND® Steel Matt contains recycled content and is 100 per cent recyclable. Together, COLORBOND® Steel Matt’s beauty, strength and recyclability combine to make a it a responsible material specification.

  • Warranties for peace of mind

When  you purchase COLORBOND® Steel Matt you’re buying a product made and backed by BlueScope Steel®, one of Australia’s largest steel manufacturers. BlueScope Steel® offers a variety of warranties, some up to 36 years.

For all the lastest COLORBOND® news, visit COLORBOND’s® website here.