Project update: Lowther Hall’s Early Years Centre features our Standing Seam profile

JUSTEEL recently completed their metal cladding installation on Lowther Hall Anglican Girls School.

Lowther Hall’s new Early Years Centre and Performing Arts wing features our Standing Seam metal cladding roof and wall panel in VMZINC Quartz. The centre will open January, 2018 and this new building will assist in expanding the school’s offering to students commencing their education at Lowther Hall. State-of-the-art art, sports, music, and academic facilities will be located inside the playful, architecturally designed building. Our Standing Seam wall panels provide contrast to the circular windows, while also offering a low maintenance facade solution.

Project Details

Metal Cladding Systems profile: Standing Seam
Material: VMZINC Quartz
Installer: JUSTEEL

(Hero image supplied by JUSTEEL)

Standing Seam

One of the most recognisable systems, Standing Seam offers a traditional, refined look, with maximum flexibility. Standing Seam is capable of achieving intricate designs other systems cannot. Suitable for roof and wall cladding, the system’s concealed fixing technology is ideal for dramatic residential and commercial architectural facades. For best results, we recommend Standing Seam be installed by experienced cladding professionals, who own and understand the specialist seam closing tools required for correct installation.

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VMZINC have been supplying Australians with creative zinc solutions for more than 10 years. Originally produced only in France, VMZINC now has manufacturing plants in Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia.

Construction grade titanium zinc, such as VMZINC is made by adding copper and titanium to natural zinc, creating an alloy with optimal mechanical and physical characteristics for building. Zinc is non-ferrous. This means there are no traces of iron in the alloy and the material won’t rust with age.

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Lowther Hall on the Early Years Centre

We are excited by the addition of our new Early Years Centre to open in 2018. The grouping of our youngest learners together in their own purpose-built, state of the art space, will enable us to deliver their programs in ways that are most suitable for them – with high levels of intervention to enable each girl to make good progress in literacy and numeracy. 

The Early Years Centre will cater for:

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces that will foster creativity, exploration, problem solving and imagination. 
  • Designated reading spaces 
  • Music room for delivery of Kodály Music Program 
  • Specialist Mathematics Staff 
  • Educational support facilities 
  • Basement space for Perceptual Motor Program
  • Art Rooms
  • Spaces for cooking and creating with food
  • Dedicated multi-purpose space for Before and After Care
  • First Aid
  • Provision of an additional Kindergarten intake 

(Source: Lowther Hall website)