COLORBOND®, more than just a roof

COLORBOND Steel® by BlueScope Steel® is an iconic part of Australia’s building industry.


For more than 50 years BlueScope Steel® have been producing COLORBOND® construction materials. Synonymous with quality and product integrity, this well loved brand is held in high esteem by homeowners and industry. Because of the brand’s strong association with roofing, when we think COLORBOND®, it’s easy to only consider corrugated roof sheets. While corrugated steel remains an important part of COLORBOND’s® offering, the growing popularity of flat sheet coils has extended design opportunities beyond the ‘humble steel roof’.

At Metal Cladding Systems we are proud STEEL BY™ BlueScope Steel® partners and we fold and roll form flat sheet steel into architectural roof and wall cladding panels. By working with flat sheet COLORBOND® we’re able to provide greater design flexibility and custom project solutions. We can fold and fabricate COLORBOND® into an extensive range of popular cladding profiles and create custom systems on request.

As STEEL BY™ partners working with COLORBOND Steel®, we’re able to offer superior project flexibility. Our range of wall and roof profiles remain true to European facade fashion, and by working with COLORBOND® we can manufacture panels to match construction budgets, without compromising on system integrity.


So what does a COLORBOND® roof or wall metal cladding system look like?

Because of COLORBOND’s® strong association with corrugated roofing, it can be difficult to visualise how steel might look in folded flat sheet form. To help identify how COLORBOND® architectural flat sheet cladding looks, we’ve put together a collection of images. We welcome you to explore different design opportunities and let steel cladding inspire you. Form more projects, visit our portfolio by clicking here.

COLORBOND Steel® Monument® in Metal Cladding Systems’ Snaplock wall and roof cladding panel.
COLORBOND Steel® Surfmist® in Metal Cladding Systems’ Standing Seam wall and roof cladding panel.
COLORBOND Steel® Manor Red® in Metal Cladding Systems’ Interlocking wall cladding panel.
COLORBOND Steel® Cosmic™ Metallic in Metal Cladding Systems’ Standing Seam wall and roof cladding panel.
COLORBOND Steel® Wallaby® in Metal Cladding Systems’ Standing Seam wall and roof cladding panel.

What’s new with COLORBOND®?

Just when you thought COLORBOND® couldn’t get anymore amazing, they release a matt steel collection and confirm why BlueScope Steel® is Australia’s favourite roof and wall cladding material producer. Smooth, soft, sultry – matt finish products are a must on architectural projects. From interior fittings and fixtures, to external roof and wall cladding systems, architects, builders and homeowners are demanding matt.

Basalt®, Monument®, Surfmist®, Shale Grey™ and Dune® Steel Matt colours are available through Metal Cladding Systems. For more information, download the COLORBOND® Steel Matt brochure by clicking here.