Nailstrip, the people’s cladding panel!

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When simplicity and clean lines are consistently king, Nailstrip is a statement panel that has the best of both worlds.

Resembling its popular European cousin, Standing Seam (we all have that cousin) Nailstrip is cost effective, easily installed and continues to be one of the most popular options among builders, beginner installers and architectural projects wanting a crisp finished look – without the fuss.

If you’re tired of sheepishly nodding your head when Nailstrip is brought up, don’t worry! You’re in the right place.

What does a Nailstrip panel look like?

Nailstrip embodies all the best features of Standing Seam, with a wide tray and thin distinctive ribs it’s a clean-cut choice for all types of projects. Some of its noted differences are the perforated strip on one side which allows the panel to be fixed on to a continuous substrate without any high-tech tools. Nailstrip comes with a 38mm rib height (from base to rib top) and a range of different cover sizes. Whether it’s used on roofs or walls your project will have no visible clips or fixings.

Nailstrip’s design is influenced by ease, versatility and cost effectiveness, which is why it’s still our favorite cousin.

Nailstrip panel 38mm rib

How are Nailstrip panels made?

Once you’ve picked out your colour and material, we receive the coils and roll flat sheet metal into Nailstrip’s distinctive form. We feed the metal into European made roll forming machinery, where it is cut to your size and meticulously folded into the Nailstrip 38mm style. Machines can be programmed to produce customisable sizes.

Because Nailstrip is roll formed alike to Standing Seam, Snaplock and Interlocking, it’s inclined to be a cost-effective choice rather than hand rolled panels. At Metal Cladding Systems we’re able to create panels in a variety of different ways, all dependent on the colour, cut, purpose and material you’re after.


Our European roll forming machine

What materials can Nailstrip be made from?

As we operate on a project based cycle, all our cladding panels are made to order as needed. Were able to reduce wastage and create a custom outcome for each builder, architect or homeowner that works with us. Metal Cladding Systems Nailstrip panel is currently available in:

Remember when I harped on about versatility? Well… Nailstrip doesn’t disappoint! This multifaceted panel can be made in numerous metals from some of the most popular brands. It doesn’t matter what your experience is with cladding, as Nailstrip is the beginners dream. 

  • COLORBOND® Steel
  • Galvabond
  • Vestis Aluminium
  • Zincalume
  • Galvanised Steel

What design freedoms does Nailstrip metal cladding offer?

If there was a competition on design flexibility. Nailstrip would be the MVP.

On top of the custom colours, sizing and material choices, our Nailstrip panel can be laid vertically, diagonally and horizontally. This opens a world of creative freedom when designing facades and eye-catching features.

The panel’s simple installation means everyone wins, whether you’re a beginner installer, homeowner wanting to update your house, an architect looking for cost effective cladding, or a seasoned builder – you don’t need any specialist tools or advanced technical know-how to achieve the architectural look that Nailstrip delivers.

On top of all the praise you’ve read so far Nailstrip is also known for being a low maintenance choice. The thin rib design allows rainfall to wash away most of the dirt and build up. Clean, easy, cost effective…what else could you want!

Here are some examples of our favoured panel sizes;

  • 165mm
  • 265mm
  • 465 mm

Lengths up to 9000m (material dependant)

Metal Cladding Systems, narrow Nailstrip wall cladding application
Metal Cladding Systems, wide Nailstrip wall cladding application

How are Nailstrip panels installed?

Nailstrip panels need continuous support as the pan sits flush against the substrate. Ideally Nailstrip will need to be installed onto a minimum 19mm construction grade ply for wall and roof applications. For projects that require non-combustible or BAL solution, 165mm up to 265mm panel widths can be installed onto metal battens. When laying your panels metal battens must run in the opposite direction of your panels. For example: if you’re wanting vertical panels the batten substrate needs to be laid horizontally. This will create a secure platform for your cladding.

Once your first panel is placed onto the appropriate substrate, fix your screws using the fixing strip 400mm-600mm apart. Then it’s as easy, snap the female (higher) rib over the male (lower) rib and boom! Rinse repeat and you have successfully installed Nailstrip!

Metal Cladding Systems recommend profiles always be installed by experienced, knowledgeable, and professional cladding installer. It’s also recommended that all installations use a breathable and waterproof membrane.

To get in touch with an installer, discuss your project further, or to request more information on Nailstrip panels and other cladding solutions, contact our project team at, or on 03 9587 4554.