Metal Cladding Systems
Metal Cladding Systems
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Metal Cladding Systems for Use in Industrial, Commerical & Residential

The tradition of using metal cladding in rolled sheets for roofing dates way back, but the application of cladding as a building facade is a relatively modern idea.

Some of the advantages of using our metal cladding for roofing and walling are:
Wide range of materials and colours.
Cost effective compared to other cladding systems.
Maintenance free.
Exceptional long life.
Attractive appearance.

Colours and Materials

Standing Seam - Zinc Cladding
Metal Cladding Systems offer a wide range of colours and materials, from Colorbond to Copper and materials from Australia to Europe, we're sure you'll find something to suit your project.

Materials Used:

Architectural Applications

Interlocking - Metal Cladding
Metal cladding helps to bring elegance, style and clean lines to the buildings in a contemporary key, enabling architects to design state of the art buildings or to breathe new life and add a modern touch to older buildings.

Our cladding has been used on:
Residential Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Commerical Buildings
Shopping Centers
Places of Worship
Sports Centres

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Metal Cladding Systems